Divisi Bahasa

Bahasa Division is a part of LSiS’s Education Department. Bahasa Division concerns in two languages, those are English and Japanese (we can also call this Nihongo). Bahasa Division wants to improve foreign language ability (especially English) of all LSiS’ers (the members of our beloved LSiS^^) for particular and also all students of Mathematics and Natural Science Faculty for general. We do some activities that can be a media for improving our language ability, such as English Forum and Nihongo no Renshuu. English Forum, which is held once a month (on the first week), is a forum that make the participants to speak English for communicating with others. We always change the theme for every forum be held so that we don’t get bored soon and keep making the participants come again to the English Forum (I hope this^^). For you …yes you …who is reading this, I hope you can join our English Forum and let’s be fun together with us, OK… :D

Uhmm… done with English Forum??? Oh…not yet guys … don’t forget our another good activity, that is Nihongo no Renshuu …yeah…let’s study Japanese language (Nihongo) here. Nihongo no Renshuu will be held once a month(on the second week). Don’t be scared of being the one who don’t know anything about Nihongo,, because I think…we all here in Bahasa division also have only a little knowledge about Nihongo,, so just come and join our Nihongo no Renshuu and let’s study together with our same age Nihongo teacher who is specially invited by us …hehe. Hmm…how is it??interesting right??yup…you have to come then,, I’m waiting for you …

Bahasa Division has one more activity for the purpose of improving ‘English speaking’ ability of all LSiS’ers. This is what we call ‘English Day’. LSiS’s English Day is Friday.  The rule is.. for that day all LSiS’ers who are in secretariat of LSiS or just around it, have to speak English to communicate with others. We hope that all LSiS’ers can participate to this activity, but it seems a bit hard to be granted because people usually feel shy or maybe still afraid to speak English. We hope that the English Day can be activated by all LSiS participants. Don’t be shy to speak English, don’t be afraid to speak English and let’s make our better future by speaking English ^^…hehehe ….

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